Brand Positioning Strategy

The final stage of product development, before going to market, is arguably the most important and it is those small but oh-so-important details within your product and service package that can make the difference between you and the competition – and between success and failure.

We offer proposition testing and value proposition research. We tailor our proposition testing by using qualitative and quantitative techniques based on your individual business and your offering, with the aim of ensuring that your prototype results in a successful launch.

For brand positioning Daccle uses the Brand Key Model of Unilever. Big advantage of the model is that it makes clear all relevant steps of positioning. The model consists eight steps / phases that can lead to a distinctive and relevant positioning of a brand.

  1. Competitive environment (Which brands does the customer/consumers consider during purchase and what associations do they have with these brands)
  2. Target group (socio-demo, attitude and values)
  3. Consumer insights (latent purchase motivation)
  4. Benefits of the brand (functional/ psychosocial)
  5. Values and personality (what are the values of the brand and how does it communicate)
  6. Reasons to believe/credibility
  7. Distinctive power of the brand (discriminator)
  8. Brand Essence (resume of step 4 -7)

Daccle delivers tailor made insights for companies who wants to (re)position their brand(s)

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