Brand Research

Undertaking brand research will help to uncover the health of your brand. A business’s potential can be maximized by identifying threats and opportunities. Are your customers aligned with your values. The position you occupy in the in the marketplace is important too, as is the health of your competitors.
Our brand research assists with the creation, development, and ongoing management and strengthening of your brands.
Analysis is carried out to understand the landscape and develop a launch strategy. Brand research is also conducted after launch to assist in the development of brand assets.
For more established businesses, brand research can be used periodically, or continually, to track consumers awareness, perceptions, and experience.

  1. Brand Paradigm: How can I break the existing brand paradigm?
  2. Brand Insight: Unique insights in the values and experiences of the target group gives you the fundament to (re)position your brand?
  3. Brand Positioning: How can I improve my brand’s competitiveness??
  4. Brand Assess: How does my brand develop and how effective are my brand efforts?
  5. Brand System: How do I increase the effectiveness and efficiency of my brand portfolio?
  6. Brand Soul: How can I improve the fit between internal culture and my brand?

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