Public Sector

Some of our work in the public domain


What are the effects of policy regarding stimulating separate waste streams by material category in The Netherlands?

Building Locations

What is the potential and optimum mix of housing types on a given municipal building location?

Trade Missions

What is the impact of economic trade missions on regional development?

Health Care

What are the specific care needs of patients in the second-line health care?

Digital Communication

What touch-points in the digital communication between the government and entrepreneur can be developed and/or optimized? And in what way?


What personas are to be distinguished among Dutch entrepreneurs when it comes to the attitude and behaviour towards digitization?


Innovation-oriented procurement by governments: to what extent is it addressed by Dutch governments? What are potential thresholds and how can these be overcome?

Digital Services

How can digital services and communications by the Dutch government be optimally integrated in the business processes of private companies in The Netherlands?

Research and advice

Daccle focuses on research and consultancy for governments, businesses and the European Union. We deliver custom work and apply an interdisciplinary approach and up to date research techniques.

Policy research and advice by Daccle ranges from policy evaluation research, impact measurements, process and outcome evaluations to developing forecast models of policy on specific areas.

We furthermore consult citizens and entrepreneurs by means of so-called ‘councils of advice’; panels of concerned citizens and entrepreneurs are invited to discuss and evaluate specific topics and challenges with the government.

We have extensive experience with research on hard-to-reach population groups, we help clients get a grip on social dilemmas and are sharp on new developments.


Daccle has state-of-the-art methodological expertise in the field of methods and analytical techniques of scientific research and policy research.
We use qualitative research techniques such as in-depth interviews, group discussions, triads, qualitative Delphi techniques both in the form of personal interviews as well as online digital.

In addition, Daccle is specialized in quantitative research, such as modelling, forecasting, database analysis, international studies, best practices, simulation and scenario development.

We have our own Panel4You citizen panel. We measure within specified target groups through a unique hybrid measurement system that collects and unifies census figures (server side counts of impressions) as well as panel based behavior. Real-time and broken down for devices and target groups. The panel ensures that we register browser contacts and device contacts of actual persons and target groups.

We furthermore apply our messaging app for handheld devices to get instant data and insights over conversations on specific topics. Communicate instantly with citizens using messages, images and video. Inform, instruct and give assignments to make research interactive and meaningful.

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