Introducing the Brand Tracker & Trends Travel Monitor (BTTTM)

On January 1st 2025, Daccle will launch the Brand Tracker & Trends Travel Monitor (BTTTM); an online research among consumers who have booked a trip (flight and/or accommodation) online in the past six months, focusing on brand awareness, brand preference, brand image, brand health, loyalty and web usage in 18 countries. Every month, for a year, you will receive data/reports on your brand. For more information please send us an email to Remy van Lieshout (


Check your hunch and instincts. You get your answers within a day so you can make decisions with confidence. You choose your target audience, the size of the sample and choose 3 till 5 questions. Our mobile panel will be activated as soon you give the survey a go.

Location Based Surveys

Track consumers when they enter or exit a specific area (shops, venues, airports) and notify them through their smartphone that a survey is available.

Mobile tracking

Use the mobile device to track ad and brand awareness and use ‘passive’ recording in background to track what ads consumers were exposed to. Follow up with study to track awareness and brand effects


Know where the respondents live and work, how they commute, what places they visit, where they shop and eat, how far and how often they travel and much more.

Emotional Insights

Get emotional insights. Accurately record, analyze and quantify emotional reactions as they interact with media content. Measure Affinity, Excitement, Engagement, Vigilance levels

Messaging App

Use our messaging app and get instant data and insights over conversations. Communicate instantly with respondents using messages, images and video. Inform, instruct and give assignments to make research interactive and meaningful

For more information please contact us !

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