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To be a success and make profit you need to find a gap in your market. Whether you are looking in improving your marketing efforts or to launch a revolutionary new product idea, you need to stand out. Our market research turns your business idea into a winner.

Areas for success

Discover your potential

Align yourself with high potential target groups

Conquer the market


You want to know what the opportunities are in your business. Our job is to give you the knowledge for making the right decisions. This means giving you the facts and insights and the way to use it.


Your company is actively engaging with customers and prospects. With the company generated communications you want to reach and surpass your short- and long-term objectives. Our goal is to give you the knowledge to identify your potential target groups and to realize the most effective communication with your (potential) clients.


You are a winner. You want to gain market share or making more profit. With our expertise and insights we help you to make the right decisions for success.

Our Team

As Team we don’t believe in standard approaches, because every company or organization is unique and has several stakeholders who all want to achieve the best possible results.

Remy van Lieshout

Jozsi Toth

Gerard van Keken

Peter Mulder

Wicher van Vreden

Lex Pluijter

Karina Ahles-Frijters