Online Consumer Research Panel

Due to our success we decided to have our own panel. Last year we started with the Netherlands, but this year we will expand to all major European countries and the US. Most panel providers invite their panel members many times a week for participation. This effects the reliability of the results. Panel members of our panel will be at most once a month participate in our surveys.

Another major reason to start our own panel is the development of a platform to measure and evaluate websites and digital campaigns down to the level of actual viewers. Our data and technology give (online) marketers and digital publishers  reliable online audience measurement figures such as reach and frequency.

We measure  within specified target groups through a unique hybrid measurement system that collects and unifies census figures (server side counts of impressions) as well as panel based behavior. Real-time and broken down for devices and target groups. The panel ensures that we register browser contacts and device contacts of actual persons and target groups.