The purpose of personas is to create reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments for reference. With segmentation research and data from the customer database, there is a lot of knowledge about customers and potential audiences within the organization, but do they actually “live” for your staff? Do they have a good picture who the customer is and is that image unambiguous? Crawl into the customer’s skin for a clearer image of the customer within the organization and a better marketing approach. Create persona’s.

A persona is an archetype. It gives the customer a name, a face and an identity; It ‘s a human being with values, norms, motives, desires, needs, feelings and goals. By creating personas you will feel who the customers are. It is a method for organizations to operate more customer driven. The goal of personas is not represent all audiences or address all needs but instead to focus on the major needs of the most important user groups.

The advantages of creating persona’s are:

  • Unambiguous image of all employees in who the customers are
  • A more customer-oriented – and market-oriented approach is possible
  • An appropriate dialogue with the customer
  • Higher satisfaction among customers
  • A higher turnover
  • A good basis for innovations and product development

The persona’s are  based on qualitative and quantitative user research and web analytics.

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