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With Visual Impact Test (VIT) we research the impact of your new design. You acquire strong economic indicators to make well-validated choices between packaging designs options and to identify opportunities for improvements.  At each stage of the design process and with a high degree of accuracy.  Important features of VIT are:

  • Predict the economic impact and even market share of new packaging design options before market launch!
  • Get detailed insights on the elements of a design option to improve designs and to gain higher sales!
  • Determine brand fit and price elasticity of packaging design options to optimize market performance!
  • Find out which packaging option is best to decrease the customer share of the competition!
  • Discover the attitudes of different target groups towards your packaging design options!


Holistic view. The strength of a new packaging design is examined via a holistic approach. This approach considers a design as a physical object with all kind of attributes and considerations around it : physicals, attributes, consumer’s mind and attitudes. For every individual consumer, these elements differ and are part of the way the individual experiences an object.

Simulation of consumers’ mind when considering. VIT Impact simulates the mind process of each individual consumer. The methodology asks a consumer to value (new) design options and those of the competition from three different perspectives: APPEAL, SUITABILITY, RANK ORDER. The APPEAL level is about appeal and awareness. Is the design seen and does it appeal? The SUITABILITY level is about usefulness and suitability. Does the design match the intended use or does buying fits in the circumstances of the buyer? The RANK ORDER level is about the heart of the user. Which design is preferred?

Simulation within a market. Visual Impact Testing simulates the mind process of a consumer making his choices within a market perspective. The VIT methodology compares (new) design options to those of existing competitors at the mentioned three decision perspectives.

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